Ein guter Artikel auf Five Thirty Eight erklärt, warum man gute Narrative braucht, um wahre Sachverhalte zu vermitteln. Und warum es uns so schwer fällt, wahre Sachverhalte zu erkennen. Unser Hirn ist nämlich verdammt empfänglich für alle möglichen falschen Rückschlüsse. Egal, ob es nun um Medizin, Impfungen oder Politik geht.

With a lot of evidence that erroneous beliefs aren’t easily overturned, and when they’re tinged with emotion, forget about it. Explaining the science and helping people understand it are only the first steps. If you want someone to accept information that contradicts what they already know, you have to find a story they can buy into. That requires bridging the narrative they’ve already constructed to a new one that is both true and allows them to remain the kind of person they believe themselves to be.