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Das Sparen und das Ende des europäischen Modells

Abraham Newman, Foreign Affairs, darüber, wie die Neoliberalen den Kontinent an sich rissen:

It is unclear if these efforts will quell market contagion or stabilize European economies in the short term. What is clear is that austerity will transform Europe’s political economy in the long term, lending credence to neoliberal ideas of limited government and loosely regulated markets. The irony of this transformation is that it reinvigorates the very ideas that helped cause the financial crisis in the first place; after all, it was the unyielding faith in markets and weak regulation that allowed the financial bubble to swell.

Austerity politics in Europe is not simply a short-term fight between the surplus countries in the center and the deficit countries on the periphery. It is a long-term political agenda that privileges lenders over debtors and capital over labor and, as such, should be seen through the lens of partisan politics.